Residence in Spain

If flying back from Spain, you start in planning the next trip to this amazing country still being on board, maybe, it is time to think of changing the place of your residence.

We will tell you, in which way and which type of residence permit in Spain you may get, coming from your wishes and possibilities.

At present moment, the number of people who decided to move to Spain for permanent residence applying to our company has increased. Spanish legislation includes several alternatives to do so:

  1. D Visa without right to be involved in business in the territory of Spain.
  2. Developing personal business in Spain and obtaining a residence permit with the right to be involved in personal business.
  3. Investments in Spanish economy and purchasing real property in Spain for the price of more than 500 000 EUR.
  4. Studying in Spain.

First, we should mention that residence permit or so-called residencia is a legal authorization of the Kingdom of Spain to stay in its territory and enjoy almost each right and obligation stipulated for the citizens of this country, except for the right to vote and be elected to the governmental authorities. In addition, residencia gives you a possibility of free travelling through Schengen states.

However, residencia is not a citizenship. You may apply for a citizenship of Spain only after 10 years of legal residence in this country in the status of resident.

Now, we will focus on each way of getting residence permit:

  1. Residencia without right to be involved in business provides a possibility to live in Spain without being employed or engaged in labour activities. Analysing your application for such Visa at the Consulate of Spain in your country, its officials will take into account your income received from sources, which do not depend on your place of location.

Legal requirements to candidates to obtaining Visa D are set forth in Regulation to the Law 4/2000 on rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain, their social integration modified by Law 2/2009 (Reglamento de la Ley Orgánica 4/2000, sobre derechos y libertades de los extranjeros en España y su integración social, tras su reforma por la Ley Orgánica 2/2009).

Let us name the main requirements:

  1. Existence of funds, which are sufficient for residence, as well as a permanent source of income;
  2. Availability of accommodation with area corresponding to standards stipulated by Spanish legislation.
  3. Each person applying for D Visa, shall an insurance policy valid in the territory of Spain.
  4. Those presenting documents shall also present a certificate on state of health and certificate of no criminal record.

According to the standards of aforementioned Regulation, the term of examination takes 90 days.


  1. Residence permit with the right to be involved in personal business is given by Spain to foreigners who have incorporated a legal entity in its territory.

The requirements to those applying for such type of residence are the same as to those applying for residence permit without right to be involved in business; however, besides the aforementioned documents that shall be presented to the Consulate of Spain, you also have to present  each document certifying incorporation of your new firm in Spain and its business plan, which shall include in details ways of functioning of your enterprise, and a number of employees you are planning to hire.


  1. Residence permit upon condition of purchasing real property – Investor’s Visa.

Recently adopted Law, on support of entrepreneurial activity and its internationalization, dated September 27th, 2013, establishes new rules of investors immigration to Spain. Pursuant to this Law, foreigners can obtain a residence permit in case of purchasing real property for the price more than 500. 000 EUR. It should be mentioned that the Law permits both variants, to purchase one object for the said amount, or several objects, which total amount will be as minimum as 500 000 EUR.

It is a good way for people who want to permanently live in Spain, and have a possibility to invest in Spanish real estate.


  1. Student’s Estancia.

The rules for obtaining student’s visa are provided by the same Regulation; we will list the most principle requirements:

  1. Confirmation of payment for the studying course of Spanish Language at one of language schools in Spain, accredited by Institute of Cervantes. Main requirement is at least 20 hours of studying per week.
  2. Invitation from School and course outline.
  3. Availability of funds sufficient for residence during the time of studying.
  4. Availability of accommodation (Lease Contract of Apartment or Room).
  5. Each person applying for a D Visa shall have an insurance policy valid in the territory of Spain.
  6. Persons presenting documents shall present a certificate of state of health and a certificate of no criminal record.


In case of prolongation of studying, you have to renew  student’s residence permit each year. We also shall mention that having such type of residence gives you a right to legal employment in Spain. It should not exceed twenty hours per week.


Whichever of aforementioned possibilities you choose to obtain a residence permit in Spain, our company’s professionals will provide you with detailed consultations regarding application for it.