Which documents shall I present to the bank to apply for mortgage?

Applying for mortgage, the following documents shall be presented to the bank:
1. Reference from the place of your work indicating your position, period of work, and salary.
2. Movement of funds on your account within the last year.
3. Reference from the Office of Credit Histories certifying the absence of credit debts (preferable).
4. Document confirming the possession of another real property (if any).

  1. Private entrepreneurs shall present an income tax return.

Which amount of initial payment by way of reservation of real property?

It depends on real property which is planned to buy, at average, from 5% to 10% out of the cost.

 Which real property is in demand for leasing, and in which cities?

As far as basically tourists go for vacations to the sea, leasing in coastal regions during the season is more popular. However, everything depends on wishes of the client. In Alicante, leasing is in great demand both in peak season and during long term. 

How to open an account in the bank?

We cooperate with several major banks of Spain. There is a possibility to open an account in the name of our clients both by personal attendance and distantly. To activate distantly the already opened account, you shall present to the bank documents confirming your income and money origin, as well as personal attendance.

Which additional services does your company provide?

Our company will help you with leasing, purchase, and in any posterior questions related to the life and adaptation in Spain. Our clients are our friends; we do not restrict ourselves only by real property purchase.

Which expenses shall I be ready to incur when purchasing real property?

ITP Tax (in the territory of Community of Valencia, since August 2013, it comprises 10%), notary’s services, registration in the Register of Property. Applying for a mortgage, you will incur expenses for bank services from 1% to 2% of the amount of mortgage.